Thursday, May 21, 2009

The official Linear Green Welcome Party Poster is out!

Will post the poster tonight!
Ok folks, Just one more month to the party, so let's get busy!

Free goodie bags with great giveaways for all ticket holders (while stocks lasts!)
Fun and games and lucky draw with great prizes to be won!
Exciting performances and magic shows to keep you entertained!
Great spread of food stalls that serves you an exotic mix of dishes that will make you go MMmmmm!

Make Linear Green the most happening estate in Bedok!
Join us at our inaugural party and have fun mingling with your neighbours!
MP Lee Yi Shyan and Senior Minister S Jayakumar will also grace the event.

So mark down 20th June on your calendar and join us for a day of fun!

2nd meeting!

2nd meeting was fun and getting crowded.

We have a good mix and well represented by all, including the Pinoy community!
However, we need someone from the Malay community to join us.
Pauline Teo our Chairlady

Yang Ming

Fizza, our Secretary

Christopher our experienced RC member
This meeting the presentation of the appointment letter to the members, as well as getting more details of the party tied down.

Logistics is headed by Mr Mok, whom also managed to secure great many great giveaways for the party GOODIE BAG, so, guys you know what to do! :P
Programming by Yang Ming, with exciting fun and games lined up!
Food by Katherine, whom secured the sponsorship of Coke Zero for the party as well as the sourcing of the good spread of mouth watering food!

Seems like we have quite a good deal going on. Are you ready for the party?

First Meeting at Kampong Chai Chee CC

First meeting 
Get to meet the newly minted RC members.

Most of us were first timers in being with the RC, but we had the help of many others who were ex RC whom moved in to Linear Green from other estates.

This meeting, we got to know that we are organizing our first party for the residents on the 20th June.

We got ourselves into teams, sorted out the details, recce'ed the places suitable for the party and the meeting ended with a good idea of how we will make it happen!

Updates next posting!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to Linear Green RC official blog

Welcome to our very own Linear Green RC blog.
Check back here for more interesting updates!