Monday, June 22, 2009

Linear Green Inaugural Welcome Party 20th June 2009!

We were shielded by the harsh sun this sunny Saturday at Linear Green!
Seems like we are going to have a great party!
Mr Khoo and Mr Cheong starts the preparation lining the chairs for the VIPs as well as the residents.
The plague ready for unveiling by Senior Minister Prof S Jayakumar in our new RC centre.
In case you don't already know where it is located, it is at Blk 220A.
First the ice came...
then the stage people....
NEA was next with their boxes of Aedes mosquitoes and how to prevent Dengue Fever. (don't worry, they are very secure in those boxes ) We checked! :P
Mr Khoo and Mr Cheong are very busy, and they seem to be EVERYWHERE!
The balloons you see around our estate is done up by them and Mr Martin....
...who can manage a smile even while doing a pretty complicated move!
The SCDF came in soon after to set up their exhibit on how to put out a fire, as well as how to administer CPR when needed.
Hussein and his merry men getting the rostrum ready for Mr Lee's speech
The bouncer for the kids!
Yang Ming made sure we had immaculate program for the day..and he did it!
The fire extinguishers will be put to good use!
These little ladies are warming up for a great show!
CPR demo
Cai Ping Kai or more well known as Er Gu belting out golden hits for the residents!
The NEA and LTA booths looks busy with residents getting more understanding and knowledge of the various displays.
The registration counter is well-manned by our lovely Iris, Angie, Sharon and Vincent!
Coke Zero Heroes Raveen and Sawit made sure the drinks are well served chilled to our residents!
Look at the welcome crew for the party!
From left Vice Chairman Iris, Chairman Pauline Teo, Sharon, Katherine, Jeremy, Vincent and Shu Hui.
First lucky draw prize winner for Round 1!
Residents eager with anticipation for the show to start.

The best loved people of the party. Our Balloon twisters + performers + magicians!

Glitter tattoo at work!
Many little ones joined us that day too. Hello!!!
The welcome party for MP Lee

Mr Lee is welcomed by the members of Linear Green RC, as well as grassroot leaaders from other constituencies.

Mr Lee is led by our chairman Mdm Teo to the rest of the festivities.
Of course, he will have to stop by our welcome crew.

Ready for his welcome speech.
Mr Lee shares his knowledge and importance of knowing your neighbours and racial harmony.

And the performance begins!
An avid FaceBook user, the performances and the day's happenings was uploaded to his FaceBook page within seconds from his BB!

These stalls are one of a kind! Jeremy took good care of the Corny Dog Section!

Mr George Foo and Mr Khoo made sure the kids had their fun without getting hurt. :)
Our resident Ryan having a moment with his son.
The tools of the trade of our welcome percussion crew.

Mr Lee getting familiar with Linear Greeners.

An avid jogger, Mr Lee shows us some leg raises for keeping those abs in place!
While waiting for Senior Minister Prof S Jayakumar to arrive, a SPH reporter managed to get time for a quick interview with Mr Lee.
And our Guest of Honour arrives!
And declares our Linear Green RC officially open!

SM Prof S Jayakumar is also popular with our Linear Greeners too!
After an intense walkabout, SM Prof S Jayakumar is ready to head back.
Back at the tent, the magicians work their charm with the kids.
Line dancing
Lucky Draw time!
Congratulating the winner of the grand prize!
After all have been done, we had a durian feast , courtesy of Mr Lee!
Thank you Mr Lee, we hope you had fun!

To the unsung heroes of the night!

Here's to a big shout out to every one at Linear Green.
Thank you for making this a great party and appreciate your help and support!
See you all at the next event!

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